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The first registrations make us very happy

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Because we're seeing great examples of what we're aiming for: beautifully modified cars.

About a week ago we've officially released the new website and our registration system for Village 2017. We're proud to say that we've already accepted 40 registrations from people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. This is another great motivation for us to keep working on the preparation of the event and make this edition the best one yet, something we strive for each year. 

Another major motivation is the buzz that we're getting on Facebook, already having more than 2250 people interested in Village 2017

It's February! Village is more than 6 months from now for God's sake! Seeing this kind of interest is a very, very nice pat on the back for the work we've put into this so far.

Now back to business. Here's a closer look at some of the registrations.

Toyota MR2 - M. Woito (Germany)

A beautiful example of the 90's mid-engined Toyota sportscar!

With the right stance, and a red-gold combination that nevers fails, this is set to turn a lot of necks at Village.

Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTD Variant - M. Jansen (Germany)

This ticks all the right boxes. A brand new Golf MK7 Variant with a powerful diesel engine, lowered with a nice set of wheels. The man has taste.

Less is more.

Volvo Amazon - W. Renken (Holland)

Dropping a red Volvo Amazon on a set of chrome wheels, now that's something you don't see every week!

Combining an old car with a new style can be tricky, and brilliant, when it's done like this Volvo.

Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI - K. De Zutter (Belgium)

It's a red MK5 GTI slammed on white wheels, need I say more?

Volkswagen New Beetle Cup - V. Ellison (UK)

The Cup version of the New Beetle is a rare thing, basically a Beetle turned racecar that you can use on public roads.

A 1.8T engine with 330 hp is more than enough to play with, and Vicky's using all 330 horses to make the trip to Village this year, all the way from the UK! Very excited to see this one!

Audi S3 8P - M. Koch (Germany)

The only text that came with these pictures was, and I quote:

"Its a Racecar! 550HP+"

It's fair to say that we'd love to have this sleeper S3 at Village!

Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTI - L. Lagrange (France)

Didn't I just say something about a slammed red GTI?

It's a yes for me!

Mercedes-Benz 190 - P. Walkenbach (Germany)

Oh, the 190, a mass-produced Mercedes-Benz that's finally getting the respect and attention it deserves in today's scene.

This looks like one fine original example on a pretty set of wheels, welcome!

We checked the weather forecast and it's going to be great, I'm telling you, it's great, really, we have the best weather, it's amazing. 

See you there! Greets B, V & J