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Ayrton Senna's Formula 1 car could be yours!

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The most legendary F1 pilot that ever lived drove this car in the first race of his F1 career, and he almost won too. Now this piece of automotive history is for sale!

Through the long history of Formula 1 racing, there have been many great pilots, to name a few: Michael Schumacher, Jacky Ickx, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve, Stirling Moss...

I bet these all sound familiar and we could keep going like that for a while, but there's one name that tops them all: Ayrton Senna.

Senna participated in Formula 1 for ten seasons and became world champion three times, in an era where big engines were still allowed. He strived to make the sport safer and had many discussions with FIA about which direction the sport should go.

Aside from his succes in racing, he was a national hero in his homeland Brazil, being looked at as the person that put Brazil on the map. He started with nothing and worked day and night to get to the top, coming in second was never the plan.

"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose." - Ayrton Senna

In most seasons Senna drove the famous red and white Honda Marlboro McLaren, but during his first F1 season in 1984 he drove a white and blue Toleman TG184-2. He drove this car in the memorable soaking wet 1984 Monaco GP, his first F1 race ever after years of racing in Formula 3 championships.

Having to start from the 13th position in the grid on a track like Monaco is far from ideal. Luck was on Senna's side as it started to pour down on the track, most other pilots didn't know how to handle their powerful race cars on the wet tarmac and seemed to be strolling around the track at half throttle.

Senna did not use half throttle, Senna went full Throttle. As if he was hoovering above the asphalt, aquaplanning had no effect on the fast Brazilian. Driving in wet conditions turned out to be one of Senna's greatest skills that earned him many wins in the years to come.

It did not take long for Senna to climb all the way up to second place, right behind Alain Prost. Prost held off Senna as long as he could, being very eager to start his season with a GP win after ending the last 2 seasons on second place in the final ranking, 

Eventually Senna went by Prost, right before the GP was canceled due to the weather. Senna was absolutely sure that he had just won the first F1 race that he'd ever participated in. But in this type of situation FIA uses the ranking from the last lap before the race was canceled, placing Senna second in the final rankings. Senna was furious.

Second place wasn't good enough for Senna, exactly the same as coming in last. But the rest of the world praised Senna for his talent from that moment on. It was only a matter of time before he would get a seat in a faster F1 car and become world champion.

A sad accident happened during the GP of San Marino, part of the steering column broke off while Senna was going through a corner at high speed. The car went in to the wall with a speed of 135 mph (218 km/h), leaving Senna unconscious. He passed away a few hours later that day, a black day in the history of Formula 1.

The Toleman TG184-2 is what it all started with in Monaco, and it's been for sale for a while. It was not used often after its short F1 career, that's why it is still in almost exactly the same condition as when Senna last drove it over 30 years ago.

The 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbo engine pumped out 600 horsepower but needs a bit of love to run well again. The good news is that the car will be delivered race-ready, all the costs for getting it there are included in the asking price.

The bad news is that the asking price is 1 million British pounds, which is probably why it hasn't found a new owner yet. But if you have the money, this would be the coolest thing to put in your living room by far.

Funny detail: according to the ad, you can not add the car to you "shopping basket" on the website. If you want to buy it, you'll have to call them and tell them you want it. Paying a million British pounds with a credit card doesn't always work well, that's probably why, we all had that happen to us before.